Strategic WA Partnership – Quipmo

Quipmo Strategic Partnership

The partnership between WA HomeStay and Quipmo is set to make WA travel even more amazing.  WA Homestay believes this partnership provides a great opportunity for WA Homestay guests. Having easy access to great adventure gear will allow guests to get the most out of their holidays in beautiful WA!

Across Australia, people have spent too much time indoors in lockdown, but with that ending, people are craving travel and adventure.

Quipmo was a lightbulb moment in 2015 for founder and adventure enthusiast, Chris Evans. Chris balanced the stress of studying for his MBA during the day, with nights spent reminiscing about his global travels and passion for outdoor adventures.

“I realised the challenge and frustration of finding quality adventure gear when you are travelling and the cost of transporting that gear from home when you head to remote locations was a recurring theme,” he said. “The problem to solve was how to make accessing quality gear for adventurers more efficient, affordable, and readily available.”

The answer was Quipmo or ‘equipment for the moment’ – the online surf, bike and snow peer-to-peer gear rental marketplace. Quipmo not only s adventure travellers access to great gear, but helps existing hire businesses increase the number of rentals they make and gives like minded locals the opportunity to make a few bucks off their gear when they are not using it.

Launched in 2017, the venture has already forged 12 major strategic partnerships that include world sporting tours and international, national, and state sporting bodies across both able-bodied and adaptive sport. 

If you need adventure gear for your next holiday, check out Quipmo at https://quipmo.com

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