Guest Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to providing our guests with quality Western Australian holiday homes and other short term accommodation options. Do you need some help navigating our site? Want some more information about the booking process. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you out:

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How long does it take to book a holiday home or other short term accommodation?

We have a wide range of search filters to make finding your perfect holiday home or other short term accommodation as simple as possible. Put in your dates, choose some of your “must have” amenities and browse your options. Once you have found your “home away from home”, our booking process is as simple as contacting the owner/property manager or instantly booking. All that is left is to pack your bags and start planning your awesome holiday.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Our site accepts Mastercards, Visacards and American Express credit cards only. For Australian credit card holders you will be charged a flat 5% booking fee that includes any and all credit card charges. For non-Australian credit card holders you will be charged 6.5% booking fee that includes any and all credit card charges.

Can I get a receipt for my booking?

Sure. Enter your guest profile on our website. Under your “trips” tab you can view your current and previous trips. Click on the relevant trip and print out your receipt information.

How do I review a property?

  1. Once you have checked out we will send you an email with a link asking you to submit a review of the property. Otherwise the owner may send you an email requesting a review.
  2. When you have clicked on the link you may leave a star ranking from one – five stars (with one as the lowest ranking of satisfaction with the property and five as the highest level of satisfaction)
  3. You may also fill in the other fields that are requested to give the property owner more information about the reasons for your review.
  4. We would always suggest contacting the holiday home owner/manager if you are unhappy with something about the property, when you first notice it. This gives them time to rectify it and ensures you have an enjoyable holiday.
  5. The holiday home owner/manager will also have a chance to review you as a guest, in the same format (a 5 star rating system and comment).
  6. Even when reviewing each other, we have strict requirements that require you approach the review in a respectful way. Explicit language, personal insults and other derogatory comments will not be tolerated. If your review breaches our content guidelines, your review will be removed and you will be asked to no longer use our site. We take a zero tolerance approach to abusive behaviour. If you have been unhappy with the property, we invite you to voice this in a respectful manner so the owner can change things for future guests.
  7. Guest reviews are published on their public profile page. Holiday home reviews are visible on the home’s listing page.
  8. Please note you cannot change your review after it has been submitted.
  9. Only guests who have stayed and booked the property can write a review.
  10. Reviews should not disclose the address of the property.
  11. You may not post a review to blackmail or extort owners/guests for any reason (including for the purpose of financial gain/refunds etc). The review process is to help future guests make an informed decision about the property. As mentioned in Q16 point 6, reviews that breach our guidelines will be removed and you will not be welcome to use our site in the future.

Booking Questions

How do I find the perfect holiday home/ accommodation?

  1. Start typing the suburb where you would like to stay and choose the correct suburb from the drop down box that appears.
  2. Select your preferred check-in and check-out dates
  3. Choose the number of guests that are planning to stay in the property
  4. Press the red search button at the end of the search field (red box with magnifying glass in it)
  5. Properties that suit your search criteria are now shown.
  6. The map next to the properties shows properties within an (8 mile) approx. 13km radius. You may use this map to view other properties in the area and navigate to them if you wish.
  7. You have the ability to refine your search using the following parameters:
    * type of accommodation you are after (house or B&B)
    * your desired price range,
    * if the property allows you instant booking,
    * the number of bedrooms,
    * the number of bathrooms,
    * how many beds are in the property,
    * the amenities offered in the property,
    * attractions nearby and
    * house rules.
  8. From here you select the property that is most appealing to you.
  9. Click on the property to find out more information about it
  10. On the property information page, you can find out the following information:
    * multiple photos of the property
    * property description
    * how to contact the host
    * cancellation policies
    * reviews of the property
    * map of the local area around the property
    * other similar properties that you might be interested in.

*** Before you book your property you will need to sign up and create a guest profile. ***

How do I set up a guest profile?

  1. For all bookings you need to sign up to our website. This can be done via Facebook, Google or via Email. You will need to provide your First and Last names, email address, create a password and note your birthdate (to ensure you are over 18 years). When signing up you will also need to check that you agree to the Terms and Conditions. It is very important that you read through the Terms and Conditions, so please do so. Once you have ticked the Terms and Conditions box, you can complete your sign up.
  2. Once into your guest dashboard, you can do the following:
    * Write a small bio about yourself, so homeowners know a little bit about you.
    * Upload a picture of yourself
  3. In your dashboard you have access to your inbox, where owners may message you about your planned holiday
  4. Details about your trips are stored in the “your trips” tab. Here you can access your upcoming and previous trips.
  5. Your profile information can be accessed and changed at any point via the Profile tab

How do I book the property that I have fallen in love with?

  1. Once you have your profile set up, if the property you are booking has instant booking, you just need to double check the check-in and check-out dates that you have entered and make the booking.
  2. Upon booking, if you book more than 21 days before the first date of your stay, a 20% deposit will be taken from your credit card. Full payment and any bond will then be taken 21 days before the first date of your stay.
  3. If your booking is 21 days or less before the first day of your stay, full payment plus any bond, will need to be paid immediately.
  4. If the property you want to book doesn’t have instant booking, you will need to enquire with the owner whether the property is available for your desired dates. By filling in your desired check-in and check-out dates and how many guests will be staying, you can send an enquiry to the owner. They will then respond to you via our website’s email system.
  5. Once the owner agrees to your booking the same payment requirements ie. Bond/final payment as mentioned in Q3 point 2 and 3 apply.

How do I pay for my booking?

  1. Our website uses the Pin Payment payment system. Pin Payments is an Australian company with a technical team in Perth and customer service in the Eastern States.
  2. When you are making a booking, it will ask you for your payment details. Our site accepts Mastercards, Visacards and American Express credit cards only.
  3. For Australian credit card holders you will be charged a flat 5% booking fee that includes any and all credit card charges.
  4. For non-Australian credit card holders you will be charged 6.5% booking fee that includes any and all credit card charges.
  5. Your credit card details are encrypted and tokenized to ensure your financial details are protected. Pin Payments is rated as a Level 1 Service provider, which is the highest level of compliance in PCI compliance.
  6. If you have booked more than 21 days before your first day of stay, a 20% deposit will be charged. When it is 21 days before your first day of stay, you will receive a reminder email to ensure there are sufficient funds in your bank to enable final payment to be made. Full payment of the booking is required 21 days before your first day of stay.
  7. If you have booked 21days or less before your first day of stay, full payment will be required at the time of booking.
  9. We provide a 48 hour grace period between booking and distributing the money.
  10. The transaction details on your credit card statement will note ‘WA Homestay Pty Ltd”.
  11. If your credit card payment is not successful please check the following:
    * Is your credit card and billing information entered correctly?
    * Has your credit card expired?
    * Have you exceeded your transaction limit for the day?
    * Do you have enough funds available in your account?
  12. Make sure you do not hit the booking button more than once, when booking. The payment may take a few minutes to process.
  13. Has your booking been accepted? Check your guest profile for booking confirmation in your “inbox” and “trips” sections.
  14. If you have had trouble paying and have worked out what the problem is, you may need to wait a little while, clear your cache and retry the booking, once your internet resets.
  15. All payments will need to be made in Australian dollars, as we are registered Australian company.

Can I make changes to a pending reservation request?

This is up to the discretion of the home owner/property manager. Please contact the host as soon as practical to see if the changes can be accommodated.

How do I cancel a reservation and what refund will I get?

  1. Each property will have it’s own cancellation policy. It is important that you read this policy and understand it, before you book a property
  2. All deposits are for the owner to keep, at their discretion, in the event of cancellation.
  3. You will need to contact the holiday home owner/manager directly to arrange a cancellation, as they hold your money in their accounts.
  4. All refunds granted by the owners will be minus a 10% booking fee.
  5. Each property will determine when final payment is required. After final payment is made it is non refundable.
  6. Not withstanding the above cancellation policies, the refund will need to come from the holiday home owner/manager. If you have an emergency, that was unforeseeable, contact the homeowner/manager as soon as possible and explain the situation. You may be able to come to a compromise even if you have cancelled less than 7 days before your scheduled first day of stay.

What is the bond and how do I get it back?

  1. A bond is a security bond required by the home owners/managers. It is a security deposit to protect against damage to their property by guests. Each home owner/manager decides if they require a bond and sets out the security bond amount.
  2. A bond is taken into Pin Payment’s account once full payment is made. Full payment is required 21 days before the first day of stay. If the booking is made 21 days or less before the first day of stay, then full payment is required at the time of booking.
  3. The bond is held in Pin Payment’s holding account and is not disbursed to anyone’s personal bank account.
  4. Once you have stayed at the property, 7 days after your last day of stay, your bond will be released back to your credit card.
  5. The reason we keep the bond for 7 days after your last day of stay is to enable the holiday home owner/manager to attend at the property to ensure there is no damage and the house rules have been complied with.
  6. If there is a dispute with the bond, the holiday home owner/manager will contact WA HomeStay and ask us not release the bond back to you. They will also at this stage contact you and advise you of why they wish to keep the bond. If an owner requests part of or all of the bond, we will distribute this amount to them and the remainder to you. If you wish to recover the bond you can apply to the Magistrates Court.
  7. Please note: that at no time is WA HomeStay involved in the negotiations/mediations of the bond release. It is up to the home owner/manager to resolve the bond dispute between them.
  8. Return of the bond amounts is based on the Owner’s terms and conditions and their inspection of the property after your stay.

How do I check the status of my reservation?

An automatic email is sent when your reservation has been accepted. Please make sure you check your junk email/Spam folder to ensure our email is not there. All of your reservation details are also conveniently kept in your user dashboard on our site so you can always log back on and check your details there.

What booking fee do you charge guests?

  1. We think it is important to be upfront about the charges on our site.
  2. Our booking fee for guests is 5% if you are an Australian credit card holder and 6.5% if you are a non-Australian credit card holder.
  3. This service fee covers your customer support, providing you with local information via our social media accounts and calendars and general upkeep of the website.

Help on your reservations

How do I contact a holiday home owner/manager?

  1. You need to follow the instructions under Q1 above to find a specific property you wish to contact. Once you have decided on a property, you can access further property information by clicking on the property. This will take you to the property page, which will have a range of information including how to contact the owner/manager of the property.
  2. If you have already booked a property or have requested to stay at a property, this correspondence will appear in your profile section. Simply log in to your user profile on the website and navigate to your “inbox” or “my trips” section of your profile page. This will show you the details of property you have booked/enquired about and how to contact the owner/manager of the property.

What contact should I have with the holiday home owner/manager?

  1. The holiday home owner/manager is responsible for your stay. WA HomeStay is a third party booking platform to allow holiday homes to advertise and for guests to book the properties.
  2. The holiday home owner/manager is responsible for:
    * confirming your booking
    * providing all information pertaining to your booking/enquiry ie. Availability, house rules, what things are supplied and what you need to bring, additional requirements etc.
    * contacting you with information about how to access the property. How to get into the property, check in times and tips.
    * Informing you about check out procedures and check out times
  3. Please note – unless the property specifically stipulates that linen is provided, please assume it is not. This means you will need to bring your own sheets, towels and tea towels. Many properties can provide linen for an extra charge, so please enquire about this with the owner/manager at time of booking. Some owners require time to organise the linen so try and give the owner/manager as much notice as possible if you require linen to be supplied.
  4. Make sure you note down your holiday home owners/manager’s contact details. If you cannot access the property for whatever reason, you can call the owner/manger to clarify check in procedures. Many times the holiday homeowners will not be at the property to let you in. Please double check your check-in instructions before you attend at the property to save confusion.

What should I do if the holiday home owner/manager doesn’t respond?

  1. Check your junk/spam mail folder as sometimes our emails can be stored in there by accident. If you find our emails in your junk/spam folders follow your email account’s instructions to ensure our emails don’t go to junk/spam in the future.
  2. Confirm your enquiry was sent by logging into your profile on our website and checking that your “inbox” has an enquiry confirmation from us, which confirms your enquiry has been sent to the owner/manager.
  3. If the holiday home owner/manager does not respond to your enquiry about their property within 24 hours, we would suggest you enquire at different properties.
  4. If you have submitted a booking enquiry, holiday home owners/managers have 24 hours to respond to the booking enquiry. If they do not take action, the system will automatically delete the pending reservation and you are free to book elsewhere.

When should I receive my check in information?

  1. We encourage our holiday home owners/managers to contact their guests approximately 7 days before check-in. They will provide check-in instructions at that time. This includes but is not limited too, property address, access instructions and other information.
  2. If you are due to travel to the property in 48 hours and haven’t heard anything from the holiday home owners/managers, please contact them.
  3. If the holiday home owner/managers don’t respond, contact us and we will try and get in contact with them.

What happens if my host cancels my reservation?

  1. You are free to book another property that is available for the same dates.
  2. When a Host accepts your offer to rent certain Premises placed through the website, and the required non-refundable deposit is paid, a binding contract is formed between you and the Host of the Premises.  No contract or other legally binding arrangement is formed between WA Homestay and you by placing a booking through this website.
  3. If the host cancels and you are due to stay at the property within the next 48 hours, please contact us on 0419 793 285 or via email admin@wahomestay.com.au. Although we are under no obligation to do so, we pride ourselves on our customer service and will do what we can to assist you.
  4. If the property you have booked stops advertising on our website, you will need to contact the property owner/manager via their contact details which is accessible on your guest profile on our website. If you are unsuccessful contacting them and haven’t heard from them within 48 hours, please contact us.

Do you have a resolution process?

When a Host accepts your offer to rent certain Premises placed through the website, and the required non-refundable deposit is paid, a binding contract is formed between you and the Host of the Premises.  No contract or other legally binding arrangement is formed between WA Homestay and you by placing a booking through this website.

However, we pride ourselves on our customer service so if you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0419 793 285 or via our email address admin@wahomestay.com.au

What if I arrive at my property and it doesn’t fit its description?

  1. Your first point of contact should be the holiday home owner/manager to explain the issues you have with the property. They will hopefully look to resolve the issue in a very timely manner or provide some clarity about the issues.
  2. Once you have finished the stay, you are able to write a review about the property. If you feel the property did not meet up to it’s description, you may reflect this in your review.
  3. If there is a catastrophic problem with the property, you may contact us, if talking with the holiday home owner/manager did not work. Please remember to note the reservation number you are referring too, the property address and holiday homeowner information, when contacting us.

I want to complain about a property. How do I do it?

  1. We first require you to contact the holiday home owner/manager to discuss the issue.
  2. If you cannot resolve this satisfactorily, you may contact us and put your complaint in an email to admin@wahomestay.com.au. We will then pass this email on to the holiday home owner/manager. WA HomeStay does not mediate in disputes. However we do take them seriously, retain documentation and encourage holiday home owners/managers to deal with the dispute appropriately.

What should I do if I forgot something at a place I stayed?

Contact the owner/property manager as soon as you realise that you have forgot the item. They may be able to get their cleaner to check the property and see if they can find it for you. If the item is located, you can discuss what options are available to send it to you or if you want to pick the item up.

If there is a natural disaster near where I am staying, what should I do?

  1. If you are not at the property, contact the holiday home owner/manager to make sure it is safe to travel to the property.
  2. If you are at the property, please follow all instructions of local police/service professionals to ensure your safety.

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